source of life Waterfalls, gorges and Kneipp

magic water worlds

It’s easy to thrill your kids with an exciting expedition, but adults will be amazed, too: The water in gorges, waterfalls, lakes and rivers is characteristic for our three valleys like hardly any other element.

Sometimes it appears untamed like the waterfall Gurgl or adventurous like the mysterious Gilfenklamm or Burkhardklamm, both famous gorges nearby – but sometimes it flows sluggishly like the Mareit creek with its sandy shores or gently reflects the sky like the 7 lakes on the hike of the same name – or even has a healing effect like the water of the Kneipp facilities.

Better than jumping into puddles

On hot summer days, the Gilfenklamm with its damp walls made of local marble provides just the necessary refreshment for young and old. The Burkhardklamm, on the other hand, enchants with two impressive waterfalls like taken from the film epic "Lord of the Rings" - and with a fine water mist.

7 blue jewels

Here is the promise of the 7-lakes-hike: long, quite exhausting with a total of 1400 meters of altitude - but of wild beauty in the midst of a mountain world still untouched!

Healing & educational

How to use the healing power of water? You can find out more about this and about the basic rules at the Kneipp pool in Ratschings. There also are regular professional introductions into the art of Kneipp. By the way: Next to the pool you will find the Barefoot path. The pleasure of walking barefoot, as often as possible, is conquering more and more people. Especially children love to walk without annoying shoes on different types of soil such as grass, sand, pebbles, local marble, wood in all variations and natural forest soil.