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Joy on two wheels

Today: cycling on a borrowed e-bike leisurely and comfortably along the valley, past old farms, then a stop at a church to look inside and have a lovely macchiato on a sunny terrace.

Tomorrow: cranking up an exciting trail and enjoying the rapid descent over meadows and brook footbridges to the fullest.

And the day after tomorrow?

The agony of choice

Hard to decide:

The well-developed cycle path network in the valley invites to leisure bike trips that can be optimally combined with the visit of cultural highlights.

Dramatic trails and gently ascending mountain trails for MTB entry are waiting just as well all around - rustic refreshments and wild nature included!

And if you have been wanting to test e-bikes for a long time or have left your own at home - no problem: In Ratschings you will find numerous rental stations and shuttle services!

highest emotions

First there is the agony, the sweat. The constant slope of 7.6% on average. But when you reach the pass: boundless joy, irrepressible pride! You have conquered the Jaufenpass and the world is at your feet... Are you ready for 1150 meters? Or the neighboring Penser Joch?