feeling free hiking & climbing

towards the sky

What more could you want?

Imagine: You walk along a comfortable path with breathtaking views, passing the most beautiful and rustic alpine pastures of the valley. This is the famous Ratschings Almweg.

Or what about this: You are looking for some refreshing water to cool off on a hot summer day. The 7-lake hike will take you from one deep blue mountain lake jewel to the next one. And one lake is just more beautiful than the other…

Theme trails that delight children and adults alike, leisure hikes and challenging routes for pros: we really have everything here – and we are proud of that!

risk of addiction!

Here is the proof: The rate of "repeat offenders" is remarkably high among our guests. But none of them has ever been able to commit to a favorite tour...

You think we exaggerate?

High hopes

Our region offers a superlative for any ambitious mountain climber: The Becherhaus at 3,195 m is the highest mountain hut in South Tyrol and a top destination for every summiteer. Or the Teplice Hut, for example - a worthwhile destination. The main idea: above the clouds and the things of life!