nordic cross-country

A great variety

In fact, “variety” is an egregious understatement: Our three valleys simply provide perfectly groomed trails at all altitudes and for all levels of difficulty.

The famous trail in the Ridnaun valley for instance is one of the most scenic trails in South Tyrol. On the circuit of a total of 15 km, laps of 3 to 15 km are waiting for all abilities. Two trails for the classic style and an additional skating track will take you into a limitless world of snow pleasure. Moreover, the Ridnaun valley also offers a stunning race trail for excellent sportsmen.

But make sure not to miss the two trails of 28 km in the Ratschings valley. Check out the 12 kilometers of easy trails for classic or skating style from Bichl to Flading. If you are looking for a breath-taking panorama and a special height training effect while running, you should aim high: On the panorama trail “Platschjoch” in the ski resort Ratschings-Jaufen you can glide along 16 km in both styles.

never stop learning

No matter if you have never tried the narrow cross-country skis before, but always wanted to or if you have already left your traces on many trails so far:

Freshmen and advanced sportsmen alike will easily learn one or the other technique for the next holiday from specially trained cross-country ski instructors in the local ski school Ridnaun. Besides, cross-country skiing taster courses are offered on a regular basis. The top material for those courses or for your holiday as such is available at the ski rental.